Rebekah Nordstrom

Rebekah Nordstrom likes to touch the sky with her eyes. She once made a chicken coop out of garbage, and was richly rewarded for her efforts. Rebekah loves the song of the Loon, but because she is no longer living in her native Minnesota, she has instructed her cats in the fine art of mimicry. All three of them can perform an outstanding tremolo, and have been fooling ornithologists for years.
When she is not gazing into the sky, tending chickens, and training cats, Rebekah loves to paint the world around her. Her expressive oil paintings are completely original. Her use of energetic brush strokes and a modern color palette make her gem-like original paintings explode with energy.
Beginning in January 2017, Rebekah has completed a daily painting. She believes that the only way to become a master painter is to paint every single day. Her expressive oil paintings are completely original as she paints only from life. Each painting can be an absolute amazing addition to your unique world.


About my Paintings

What make your paintings so special?

My delightful little paintings are all original, all the time. I got this idea for a business plan because many years ago, I purchased an original  painting from a gallery. The next time I visited said gallery, I saw that though I had the original, reproductions of the painting that I bought was included in a set of gift cards and on a poster. Now, I don’t blame the artist for seeking all revenue streams open to him/her, but I felt that the uniqueness of my original had been diluted. I’m all about making more original works, not duplicating what I have already made. MAKE MORE PAINTINGS!  I assure you that the painting that you buy from Rebekah Nordstrom Artworks will be completely unique to you! This is something that we all can get excited about. View my gallery.

This might be a silly question, but what art materials do you use to make your paintings?

Are you kidding me? What a fantastic question! I like to paint small and square, so most of my paintings are smallish and squarish. Ahem, how’s that for a silly answer!  Right now, I am using Creative Mark Artists Panels.  I like a good canvas texture on my panels because I like to use thick paint. The rough surface gives the paint something to grab onto. I do sometimes paint on board, and sometimes even on stretched canvas. You can see the surface type in the description of each painting in my gallery. I finish my paintings with a couple of coats of Kamar Varnish. This is to protect the painting and provide a uniform finish that is not too shiny. Shiny, eww.

I am an oil painter. I use both traditional oil paints and water-soluble oil paints.  I also use a variety of brands because I happen to have a variety of brands in my studio. I like to paint with a limited palette, particularly when painting en plein air. My go to palette is Thalo Blue, Cadmium Red Medium, Alizarin Red Permanent, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Titanium White. I like to mix all of the colors that I see from these five colors.  There are times that while working in the studio, I will add a few other colors like Ultramarine Blue and/or Dioxazine Purple, and/or Cadmium Yellow Lemon, and/or some other paints that catch my fancy. Usually though, I like the clean crisp colors that can be mixed by using a very limited palette.

The brushes that I use are synthetic Brights.  I discovered Rosemary brushes while at the 2016 Plein Air Convention and Expo. They are a little spendy, but boy oh boy are they hardy. They take all of the abuse that I can heap on them, and still retain their shape. So far, so worth it.

Do you sell your paintings with frames?

I only sell my paintings unframed, which is reflected in the price of the painting. This is because I actually love the edges of these little paintings and usually hang them with plate hangers, of all the wacky things. Personally, I feel that big frames choke little paintings, which is why I don’t offer them with frames. If, however, you think I’m a crazy person and believe that all original oil paintings deserve a large gold frame, I encourage you to visit your local frame shop and have their friendly and knowledgeable staff help you choose a beautiful frame that fits your tastes and budget.

What if I see a painting in your gallery that I really love, but it is already sold?

Because I only sell original oil paintings (no reproductions, no prints), once a painting is sold, there will never be another exactly one like it. This does not mean that I am unwilling to work with you!  I love to work in series’ because I believe that making paintings of the same subject allow the artist (that’s me!) the time that is necessary for the subject to continue its revelation. Please email me at and we will work something out!  View my gallery.

Do you sell other merchandise besides original oil paintings?

At this point, the answer is no. However, I do have some exciting ideas for 2017, so stay tuned! How do you stay tuned? By signing up for my newsletter the Rebekah Nordstrom Artworks Tattler! Be assured though, when you purchase an original painting from Rebekah Nordstrom Artworks, that painting will never ever ever show up in a greeting card set, or on a tote bag. You, my friend, have the only one!

Do you take commissions?

I am sorry, I do not do commission work.

How do you price your paintings?

I price all of my paintings by size, and those prices are set by what my market will bear. Keeping in mind that the paintings are unframed, I am delighted to sell these sweet little oil paintings at an affordable price. My interest is in making a lot of little paintings, and having you give them a loving home. Annually, I analyze my price points, and make adjustments as needed. In December I have an annual sale. Get sale details by signing up for the Rebekah Nordstrom Artworks Tattler!

Unframed Original Oil Painting Prices Structure
(Includes Tax – Does Not Include Shipping Costs)

4”x4” –– $40
4”x8” –– $100
5”x7” –– $100
6”x6” –– $120
6”x12” –– $175
8”x8” –– $150
8”x10” –– $175
9”x11” –– $225
10”x10” –– $225
10”x20” –– $500
12”x12” –– $300

Shipping Questions

What carrier do you use and what are your shipping charges?

I use the USPS for shipping because there is a post office just down the street from my studio!  I ship via Priority Mail, which means that your package should arrive at your house 2-4 days from ship date, and is fully insured. I personally wrap your painting in tissue, then I place it in a protective foam envelope. The envelope is placed in a rigid U.S. Priority Mail mailer.
The flat shipping charge to ship in the continental U.S. is $7.95.
Tracking will provided by USPS.
All international and oversized shipping charges will be determined on a case by case basis.

When will my painting ship?

Though I know you are super psyched to receive your new painting, I have to allow time to let that oil paint dry! Please allow 2-3 weeks of dry time from the time that I made the painting. The absolute last thing that I want to do is to rush the ship date, and you open up an oily mess. Am I right or am I right.

What happens if my painting has arrived damaged?

I take great care when personally packing each painting to send off to it’s new home. In the unlikely sad occasion of a damaged painting, please email me at We will work something out!

Why does my painting look different than it did on my computer?

I take great care, when photographing my paintings, to stay true to the painting’s original appearance. But alas, computer monitors can vary so very very much. I urge the following caution; Before placing your order, please calibrate your monitor. That said, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions about color prior to placing your order.

Can I return my painting?

I do not offer and cash back returns, but I am absolutely happy to make an exchange, with some shipping charges. My goal is to offer a sweet little original oil painting  for you and yours to enjoy for the rest of your days. We will work together so that everybody wins!